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24/7 Zalman's electrical services

Brief from client 

Logo concept for electrician.


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I like the idea of having the bolt be a hidden "7" though that may not work well with the fact that "24/7" is a important aspect of the business. With a quick glance or having it be shown without the "24/7 Zalman's Electrical Services" I would only see the "24" and not even try to look for a "7". If you like the idea of the "7" being part of the bolt I would try to make it more obvious.

As for the typography it feels a little to thin which may be because it is so small compared to the huge symbol next to it. The "electrical services" is especially thin and would be hard to read or print at smaller sizes. Play around with the sizes and placement for your text and symbol since right now it doesn't visually play well with each other. The font choice itself is fine as long as its thickness is increased but, I'd also look around for other options.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for a very constructive feedback! I was trying to implement three aspects into symbol's concept : 24, 7 and " Z ". Decided not to put too much over the head the presence of the " 7 ". I will work more on this one, for sure and going to post here my original thought.

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